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Delta Refractories® is the officially
appointed agent in Southern Africa for
the following international companies:

Wonjin Europe B.V.

The Company Headquarters are located in Korea and has been in operation since 1967. The Company operates and controls their own mines and produces the required refractory raw materials through its 5 production plants located in China. Wonjin supplies magnesia, magnesia carbon and magnesia chrome bricks and monolithics for furnaces and ladles with the most modern equipment. They also produce refractory bricks based on alumina and alumina silicate, olivine, and dolomite raw materials. Sales and technical support (world wide) is managed by Wonjin Europe B.V.

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Motim Refractories

Motim Refractories from Hungary, are producers of fusion cast refractories. Motim has been producing fusion cast refractories for glass tank furnaces and reheat furnaces in the steel industry since 1958. The KORVISIT and ZIRKOSIT product ranges are well known brand names in the industry. All their products are produced under the code of ISO-9002 quality system. The same applies for the Motim unshaped monolithic refractories such as bedding mixes, insulating mortars and hot-repair mixes.

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