company profile

Delta Refractories (Pty) Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of both monolithic and precast refractories.

The company was founded in 2001 and has become a leader in reliable, cost effective refractory solutions for a variety of industries.

Delta Refractories designs custom-made to suit each individual client’s needs.


Products and services

We supply the following services:

·      Production of acid and basic monolithic refractories

·      Design and development of own mixes in accordance with the client’s needs

·      Representation of several overseas and local suppliers

·      An independent testing laboratory

·      Turnkey project management

·      Design and estimation, including CAD drawings

·      Refractory consultation and arbitration


Our production facility:

·      Is situated in Vereeniging, 60 km south of Johannesburg

·      Has a capacity of ~1600 ton per month for single shift production

·      Employs ~30 permanent staff


Products and services range:

·      Ramming, gunning, plaster, pumpable, mortars and others.

·      Dense and light weight castables (acid and basic)

·      Special monolithics for continuous casting

·      Special monolithic refractory materials on request

·      Imported products:

o   Fusion cast refractories from Motim in Hungary.

o   Magnesia chrome, SiC, magnesia carbon, magnesia alumina carbon

     and others direct from Wonjin in Korea and China

·      Installation services and supervision over product application are available

·      Consultancy services with regards to process development  in pyro-metallurgical industries


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